So we haven't actually seen this, so we need someone to confirm it for us, preferably with video. Let that be our disclaimer prologue.

You can imagine what it must be like to work with Michael Irvin every day. Berman can probably handle it, because we're sure anytime anyone else is talking, he's too busy whispering to himself, "God, 'Jake (Daylight Come Me Wanna" Delhomme' ... I'm so brilliant. I kill me!" But we can't imagine it's much fun for Tom Jackson, who — Bill Belichick-related hijinks aside — seems like an intelligent enough fellow and must hate that he's forced to share the airwaves with a guy who, you know, tends to not make a lick of sense.

And apparently, it all came out on the air yesterday. After a reality-detached rant from Irvin, apparently Jackson looked at him for a moment, blinked and simply said, "Are you retarded?"

God. That must have felt great.

Channel Surfing, The Bad [Toronto Star] (halfway down)