You know, with the freakshow that boxing has become and probably always was, that it was inevitable: ESPN is reporting that Tommy Morrison, the former "Rocky V" boxer who has HIV, will be fighting Thursday night.

Heavyweight Tommy Morrison, who was indefinitely suspended after a positive HIV test on the eve of a 1996 fight in Las Vegas, has been cleared to return to the ring after passing a battery of medical tests, sources told on Tuesday. Morrison (46-3-1, 40 KOs), now 38, returns to the ring after an 11-year layoff. Morrison is in Chester, W.Va., to fight on a card there Thursday night. His opponent in the four-round bout is slated to be John Castle of Indianapolis. Morrison's bout is not scheduled to be part of the Versus-televised coverage of the card.


You know, poor Versus, can't catch a break: They finally get something that rubberneckers would actually want to watch, and they're not even showing it.

We thought we'd look into John Castle, Morrison's opponent. Castle is 35, with a record of 4-2, and doesn't appear to have fought himself in a few years. We found what seems to be one of his fights on YouTube. If you think it's a bad sign when one of your fights is so short that it can fit on YouTube, well, you're right. Though it's probably not as bad a sign as fighting a guy who has HIV. Wait. It has "vanished." We forgot.

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