Hereā€™s a bunch of headlinesā€”written during the past weekā€”about Derrick Roseā€™s attempts to return to the basketball court that will make you really sad:

Derrick Rose is Dunking Again

Bulls guard Derrick Rose back to dunking, shooting jumpers

Derrick Rose taking some contact

Derrick Rose injury: Bulls PG taking ā€˜predictable contactā€™ in practice

Derrick Rose return: Derrick Rose reportedly ā€˜almost ready to start playingā€™

Derrick Rose travels with Bulls

Thibodeau: Derrick Rose ā€˜moving alongā€™

Bullsā€™ Derrick Rose getting closer to full practice

Bullsā€™ Rose may start watching games from bench

Derrick Rose: ā€˜Man, Iā€™m So Readyā€™

Derrick Rose is dunking again, taking some contact in practice

D. Rose Making Progress in Rehab, But Can He Dunk?

Happy Friday.