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Everybody Is Angry At Tiger Woods, Both Real And Wax

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TIIIII-ger Watch...As his sponsors also take an indefinite break, Jamie Jungers continues her campaign to get the truth out, which apparently means disclosing to the world that she and Eldrick made sweet, sweet love the day Earl Woods died.

• A WaPo columnist named Robin Givhan gets all Erica Jong on everyone's assess: "But while Woods is being portrayed as complicated and troubled, the women are merely types. Golf fans muse over whether Woods's reputation can be salvaged, whether it should be salvaged. The women are just "the mistresses." The golfer has been called a dog, a liar and worse. But he still gets the benefit of being perceived as an individual. He is still Tiger Woods." [WaPo]

• Jemele Hill questions Tiger's sucka move: " If this was a scheme concocted by your handlers, get some new people. One of the reasons you're in this mess is because your handlers helped you craft an image that wasn't really you. Swearing on the golf course is you. Throwing clubs is you. A lot of people took issue with those offensive jokes you told GQ's Charles Pierce in 1997; that was you, too. But if stepping away from golf is a calculated public relations stunt meant to generate some empathy, that means you've learned nothing from this entire ordeal." [ESPN]


• European golfers have been fucking chicks on the side for years: "I think the mystique has gone," said [Colin] Montgomerie, next year's European Ryder Cup captain. "He is suddenly, and I hate to say it, more normal now." [Daily Mirror]

• Angry caddy Steve Williams lashes out at ®®: "I am a straight-up sort of person. I tell it like it is...[L]ast year, at the same particular point of time, is when I had the confrontation with Phil Mickleson [the world's No 2 ranked golfer]. I didn't lie about it – I called the guy a prick....[I]never said I didn't call him a prick. I never denied one word of what I said...[I]had no knowledge of what Tiger's indiscretion was. And for Rick Reilly to turn around and say that I am a liar and there is no way I couldn't know – and that I should be fired – that is sensational journalism at its height right there." []

• And one emailer is so irate, he can't even curse properly:

michael vick-michael jackson-majic johnson-barry bonds-cesar cedeno-daryl strawberry-ben johnson-plaxico burris-oj simpson-alan iverson-malcolm x-adam clayton powell-the nfl player who murdered his pregnant wife [nc panthers] and more....Millionaires all with serious character flaws.....has there ever been a GREAT black hero devoid of scandal? maybe hank aaron?cassius clay? tw can't be in the list cos' he's half thai,correct? that would make him a tycoon...............hope his dick ornament wife breaks his fookin' fingers-THEN his fookin bank account!!


Wait — Cesar Cedeno?

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