Remember back when Ken Griffey Jr. was considered moody? It seems like a long time ago now β€” particularly now that he playfully throws jock straps to fans β€” but in the late Mariners days, he was grouchy all the time, feuding with the media, just generally looking like a guy who didn't like baseball much anymore.

The tide has turned β€” it helps that he's healthy and, you know, not much of a steroid user β€” and now he's talking about returning to Seattle as a hero.

Would I [come back]? Yeah. For the simple reason that this is the place where I grew up. And I think I owe it to the people of Seattle and to myself to retire as a Mariner.


We're not sure this will happen in any way other than one of those "sign him up as a Mariner for one day so he can hold his press conference and retire" things that you see every once in a while, but after the guy passed Mark McGwire in homers yesterday, it's pleasant to go back to loving Ken Griffey again, like we used to, way back in the day. Even if he throws jock straps to fans.

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