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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Ken Griffey Jr. Knows How To Deal With Hecklers

Illustration for article titled Ken Griffey Jr. Knows How To Deal With Hecklers

Because it's apparently an all-jockstrap Monday here at Deadspin, here's an outstanding heckler story involving Ken Griffey Jr. from over the weekend at Dodger Stadium.


According to The Jaunt, a man in the Chavez Ravine stands was mercilessly (but harmlessly) heckling Griffey, to the point that the future Hall of Famer noticed. Then, according to the fan's MySpace page, the real fun began.

Well, by the 2nd inning he was looking right at me giving me the looks. When he walks in from the 6th inning he decided he had enough and came over to talk some smack. He called me some fat references which was hilarious and then he told me I couldnt touch the threads on his jock...

I then told him to show me what he's got, that he talks a big game and then I told him to limp back to the dugout where he belongs and I even said some things about his Mom. I told him I might be fat, but I could still play center field:) It was an incredible exchange to say the least. After the 6th inning he walks out and stops to talk to me holding a brown paper bag in his hand. He motions to throw it to me and I told him no, I know that trick. He laughs and says catch it, so I put up my hands and he tosses it over. He wouldn't leave until I opened it and when I finally did, the whole place erupted with laughter. Griffey throws me his jock...


Seriously, the full report of this is amazing. That's how you deal with a heckler, friends: Throw him something stained and sweaty. He'll love it, he really will.

Ken Griffey Jr.'s On My Jock [MySpace]

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