The Packers invited the former Dukie for a workout, now the University of Michigan is also interested in acquiring the services of the one-time Christian Brothers Academy quarterback.. Also, he's apparently a football God.

This seems like it would be mired in NCAA transfer waiver hell, public relations snafus, but apparently it is entirely feasible. And the slight possibility of Paulus actually suiting up as their number one quarterback for one magical year has made the '09 Wolverines much more interesting. But what makes the possibility even more intriguing is the writers who saw Paulus quarterback for Christian Brothers Academy in 2004 swear he's one of the greatest high school football players ever to put on pads. He's Jesus Chitwood of the gridiron.

Selected apocrypha:

Bud Poloquin:

As I've never seen, in person, a high-school quarterback as good as Paulus and as he was widely hailed as the finest high-school quarterback in the nation back in the fall of 2004, I'd forever wondered why Greg chose the basketball path — not, certainly, that there's a whole lot wrong with four years at Duke University, where Mike Krzyzewski's program is awesome along with the academics, weather and student scenery (if you get my drift).

So, Greg Paulus hardly erred in signing on with the Blue Devils, where he was long considered the best quarterback in the ACC even though he never played quarterback in the ACC. But I always believed — as did his father, by the way — that if he did have a playing future beyond college, it would be in football. And now, who knows? On that front, there might still be some there there.


Nick Friedell:

I played high school football in Florida and have followed the recruiting game for years, and I can honestly tell you that Paulus was one of the most impressive high school quarterbacks I've ever seen. Seriously. The kid could throw the ball 60 to 70 yards down the field with just a flick of the wrist. He was sneaky fast and eluded tacklers all over the field. He made plays that you wouldn't believe.


Others of note: Greg Paulus once threw the ball 85 yards with three men hanging all over him and a rabid badger gnawing on his foot! Greg Paulus once ran for 457 yards, threw for 1,500, and bedded three cheerleaders in the bleachers in one quarter! Greg Paulus once pancake blocked a 400-lb All-American defensive lineman with his pinky finger!

Nevertheless, I'm insanely curious and hopeful that this will actually happen.

Greg Paulus to play football at Michigan? It's a possibility according to report []