Although the Golden State Warriors didn’t play a game Thursday, Steph Curry still lost. Check out the “Chef” colorway for Under Armour’s Curry Two Lows. The other colorways are fine, but this particular one elicits an image of your dad taking a break from mowing the lawn and telling you to get your butt outside to enjoy the lovely summer weather. Curry’s brother Seth weighed in, too:

There were much better burns from people not related to Steph:

This one’s my favorite:

These tweets aren’t a full analysis of Curry’s dad shoes, however. In the interest of unbiased reporting, I sent a photo of the shoes to my dad and asked him what he thought. His response:

I think they look good. That said, I see the “arch” is low. When I buy my shoes, I always bypass color, aesthetics, and other issues (which are still important) to find the correct arch that fits my foot well. The comfort is so essential for good balance and walking. I learn through the years; uncomfortable shoes will essentially cause you problem and pain in your back!