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Everyone Hates The Yankees ... Except For Stephen A.

So the Yankees back up a dump truck and cover Mark Teixeira with money, causing former Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn to start whirling dirvishly in his grave. Here's some further reaction:

Screw Baseball. Screw It Right In The Ass. As of 4 p.m. today, the Yankees have spent $423 million on free agents this offseason. New York now has a record number of homeless families. Six months ago, the Yankees asked the city of New York for an additional $480 million to fund that new piece of crap stadium. They bulldozed parks that used to be playgrounds for the children of the South Bronx. There were plenty of shady backroom deals involving the market value of Yankee Stadum. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, NYC taxpayers. Get angry, because you should be. How much is too much? Personally, I'm done with baseball, until they implement a salary cap. [Babes Love Baseball]


Christmas At The Teixeiras'. Mark — Ah, it’s good to be back in Maryland. All the stress of the last few weeks has really made me miss home. There’s no place like home for Christmas, right mom? Mark’s mom — Boooooo! Booooooo! [Bugs And Cranks]

Yankees Land Mark Teixeira! I had wanted them to trade for Mark back when he was on Texas two seasons ago because they could have acquired him for a couple of their super hyped minor leaguers and he was young enough to warrant giving up premium talent, but they passed back then. Not today. I still think they are another bat short. Will Cashman dip in the well of free agency one more time to acquire you know who? [Pinstripe Alley]

Teixocker! Teix Says No To Nats! In the end, Steinbrenner money is greener than Lerner money: 8 years, $180 Million greener. Don't worry, Nats fans, Jimbo has Adam Dunn on speed dial. And like a lump of coal in your stocking: Corey Patterson! (and don't forget Daniel Cabrera)! [The Nationals Enquirer]

A Nightmare Before Christmas: Teixeira Signs With Yankees. Most fans in the Baltimore area were hoping Teixeira would defy the odds and sign with the O’s, lending the team instant credibility. Signing Teixeira would have legitimized the once proud franchise, if not in the standings (where he couldn’t win games alone) but in terms of perception. Had they signed Tex, Baltimore would have looked like a legit landing place for free agents. Now, they look like the perennial also-rans that they have been for some time. [Orioles Examiner]


Teixeira Signs: Winners And Losers. The Losers: Manny Ramirez: Now that the Yankees have signed Teixeira they’re extremely unlikely to sign Manny. Who is going to give Ramirez the longterm contract he wants? Probably nobody (unless Ned Coletti goes on a bender). [UmpBump]

The Recession Certainly Isn't Bothering The Evil Empire. Good lord. I honestly though that the Yankees were out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, but apparently I was wrong. Not only have the Yanks signed three players in the offseason totaling $423,500,000, but they now have four of the MLB's highest paid players on their roster. And while everyone in and around Baseball is rolling their eyes, there is one man who thinks this is a great idea. Stephen A. Smith! [Awful Announcing]


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