Everyone Wants Drake's Jacket From The "Hotline Bling" Video

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Drake dances like a dork in a $1,050 dollar Moncler jacket in the just-released video for “Hotline Bling,” and now everyone has to have one of the damn things. Moncler spokesman Domenico Galluccio told Vanity Fair that on Tuesday, in the aftermath of the video’s release, sales of the Maya coat doubled. A quick check of the Moncler site shows that both the extra-small and small sizes of that particular coat are currently unavailable; a quick check of my bank account shows that, hahaha, never mind.

Why in the world does anyone need a coat that expensive? Because winter in Toronto—sorry, “The 6”—gets extremely cold? And what the heck is Moncler, anyway? Turns out they’re a French purveyor of expensive outerwear that, in addition to thousand-dollar coats, also sells thousand-dollar vests. Aubrey Graham, predictably, is rich with expensive taste.


The maybe-boyfriend of Serena Williams also may be an accidental coat traitor. On Friday, Drizzy’s clothing label, OVO, will release a limited run of winter coats in collaboration with Toronto-based brand Canada Goose. Canada Goose, for the uninitiated, is another brand that sells dumb thousand-dollar coats. Pick one stupid fad coat and stick with it, Jimmy.