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Everywhere You Look, White Kids

We do enjoy the Little League World Series, though a little part of us wishes they didn't keep score, and a big part of us missing Harold Reynolds. But blog Say Hey was wondering the same thing we were: Where are all the non-white American kids?

Seriously, Say Hey has broken down the numbers, and of the eight American teams, there are one-and-a-half non-white kids. (The half is for a kid they're not sure about.) For all the talk from Bud Selig and company about trying to reach out to African American kids, it's clearly not working, and this bodes poorly, because nobody decides what's cool more than African American kids. (OK, maybe Extra Mustard. But that's it.)


Look closely, kids in this picture: That's a black Major League Baseball baseball player. They do exist, for now.

Where Are All The Non-White Kids In The Little League World Series? [Say Hey]

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