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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Evgeni Malkin Sign With KHL Team Metallurg, Metallurg Best

Illustration for article titled Evgeni Malkin Sign With KHL Team Metallurg, Metallurg Best

Since American NHL leader troll Gary Bettman make with hockey lockout (remind you of Putin, da? Except fearless leader Putin like hockey, ho ho ho!), Evgeni Malkin sign with Metallurg. Metallurg play in Magnitorogorsk, hearty industrial city in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. Malkin from Magnitorogorsk, Magnitorogorsk best. Metallurg third best Kontinental Hockey League team last year. (Still best.)


Malkin joined in Magnitorogorsk by fellow Magnitorogorskian Sergei Gonchar. Sad fact looking from this news is Malkin и Gonchar making no thoughts for NHL season. Malkin и Gonchar sign through 2013, probably make for hockey play in KHL no matter what monkey-бизнес happen in America. Here I make with AP report, and run it through the Googleiev Transklatiov and back for to make more sense:

NHL stars Evgeni Malkin and Sergei Gonchar signed with Metallurg KHL after the NHL lockout entered its players.

Metallurgist based in the Russian industrial city of Magnitogorsk, said in a statement Sunday that it has signed two Russian players in the season 2012-13.

NHL officially locked his players early on Sunday morning after the collective bargaining agreement between the parties expired.

Malkin, 26-year-old center with the Pittsburgh Penguins, is the reigning MVP NHL. Gonchar, 38, an advocate with the Ottawa Senators.

Though the club has not provided their contracts, he said that they will follow the rules of the KHL for signing NHL players during the lockout. Under these rules, the KHL team can sign a maximum of three NHL players over their limit of 25.

CHL also sets the ceiling for salaries NHL players to a maximum of 65 percent of what they earn under their NHL deals. Malkin has two years and $ 16.5 million remaining on his contract with Pittsburgh. Gonchar Ottawa one year and $ 5.5 million left.


Gary Bettman can дроссель.

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