Ex-Alabama St. Coach And Booster Get In A Fight During Deposition

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Reggie Barlow was a decent NFL wide receiver for about a decade, where he played for some (somehow) good Jaguars teams and won a Super Bowl ring with the Buccaneers. After retiring, he quickly moved back home to Montgomery to coach his alma mater Alabama State football team. After eight relatively successful seasons, and a handful of SWAC championships, the school abruptly asked him to resign then fired him, not three months after handing him an extension.

Barlow sued the school for wrongful termination in February, and we are now in the discovery process of that suit. Board member Herbert Young was deposed on Thursday in Montgomery, and during the questioning, got so worked up that he allegedly assaulted Barlow. Since this took place during official court proceedings, there is audio of the incident, which can be found below, from AL.com.


Here’s Barlow’s attorney Donald Jackson:

“I jumped in between them. He grabbed coach Barlow around the neck and started slamming his head up against the door and trying to throw punches at him over my shoulder. I’m trying to push Mr. Young away. This went back and forth for the next couple of minutes.”


Barlow and Young have now each filed assault charges against each other, and dispute each other’s claims about who incited the action. The audio clearly shows Young getting worked up about alleged disrespect before chaos ensues. The Hornets have started out 0-3 this season.

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