Will Ferrell made a promotional appearance last night at the Houston Astros' triple-A affiliate in Round Rock, Texas, playing a Venezuelan by the name of Rojo Johnson, fresh out of the clink after doing time for illegal iguana selling.

Ferrell has been a sports fan for some time. He pops up at Knicks and USC football games with some sort of regularity. He's lampooned the 1970s ABA, figure skating and NASCAR in completely different movies and did a memorable Harry Carey impression back on Saturday Night Live. Ferrell's showing up at a minor league game and pretending to be a two-bit Venezuelan lizard smuggler doesn't sound far fetched at all, even though it should. In fact, he should be doing this sort of thing all the time.

Think about it: You've got a library or a car wash opening up? Ferrell comes dressed as a football playing-physicist. Kid's birthday party? Have you met Nigel Horngraveson, cricket-playing major in Her Majesty's Royal Army in colonial India and Benjamin Desraeli's old school chum? The possibilities are endless.


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