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Ex-Eagle Allegedly Received Nude Teen Photos, Created Fake Cop Station

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Darrell Beavers was drafted by the Eagles in 1991 and also played in Kansas City and Canada. He eventually bounced out of football and become a cop in Cincinnati, a position he's had for the last 13 years. from June 2013 to September 2013 he allegedly received nude pictures from a 17-year-old and got access to an apartment under the guise of using it as a police substation.


Beavers was involved in a program through the Cincinnati police department for kids interested in becoming cops, called the Cincinnati Police Explorer program, and apparently got too close to one minor in the program.

In September 2013, the parent of a 17-year-old Cincinnati Police Explorer became concerned about his daughter’s contact with Beavers, Deters said. He later complained to the Cincinnati Police Department which resulted in an investigation into Beavers' activities.

It was later determined Beavers received nude photos of the teen, Deters said.

In addition to preying on the young, Beavers also duped a property manager and secured the use of an apartment by telling her it was to be used as a police substation in the apartment complex.

"I saw him move stuff in — a computer and stuff like that — and he hung the sign on the window, so I thought it was all perfectly legit," Burcham said.

Kathy, a resident of the apartment who asked that WCPO not use her last name, said she — like Burcham – agreed with the idea of a substation at the complex.

"When I first heard that there was going to be a substation in our complex, I thought it was a really nice idea,” she said, “It's off the beaten path…security would really really be nice."

Unfortunately, the police were never there. Whoever was there wasn't doing much in the way of police work, either. Found among the articles in the apartment was the following: food, bedding, night vision goggles and personal lubricant.

If convicted on all the charges, Beavers faces up to eight-and-a-half years in jail.

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