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Ex-MLB Wife Offering The Girlfriend Experience

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For many big leaguers, it looks like they picked their wives fresh off the stage at a strip club. If that's all their wives were doing, they should consider themselves lucky.


The ex-wife of ex-major leaguer Troy O'Leary, has allegedly been outed as an escort. Now I don't know if you're as well-versed as I am in these matters, but that doesn't mean she's escorting gentlemen to fancy balls. It mean she a ho.

Accoring to KPNX in Phoenix, Annette O'Leary of the aptly named Allegation Valley* has been moonlighting as an escort by the name of Taya Taylor. Her (now-defunct) website advertised something called "girlfriend experience" for $450 an hour, which seems excessive for what I can only assume consists of nagging you for not calling more and wondering why you're out so late.

More troubling is the fact that her day job was as an assistant principal in an elementary school. Parent-teacher conferences for certain fathers might have been a bit awkward.

Annette has recently gone to court to request more in child support from Troy O'Leary, best known for the least distinguished BaseballReference page I've ever seen. If this is her way to earn a little cash, then someone's seen Striptease too many times (i.e. once).

UPDATE: I have been informed there is no such place as "Allegation Valley." But if it's good enough for KPNX's distracted copyeditors, it's good enough for me.

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