Former Colts and Bengals TE Ben Utecht retired in 2009 after suffering a concussion, his fifth officially diagnosed one in six seasons. At age 33, he says he's already suffering from memory loss. So he wrote a his daughters a song now, before it's too late.

Utecht has become an advocate for awareness about brain trauma, speaking before congress and serving as a spokesman for both the American Academy of Neurology and the American Brain Foundation. He's also got a singing career! It's a little butt-rock for my taste, but the message is sweet enough.

Utecht admits that he's had moments at home when he and his wife, Karyn, will say, whoa, that's not the normal Ben. Utecht shared with senators on Capitol Hill that his 5-year-old daughter told the family doctor that she's sometimes afraid of her dad.

"That broke my heart," he said. "It was a wakeup call."


"[The song] was a chance for me to tell my girls that no matter what happens to me and my brain," he said, "they're always going to be there."

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