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Ex-Patriots Rough Up Some Children For Charity

Cameramen aren't the only people who need to be wary around the Patriots. A lesson learned too late for some students who thought they were going to meet their heroes in the name of a good cause. Instead: carnage.


A group of former New England players showed up to a Boston-area high school for a charity event for the local Police Benevolent Association. The idea was for them to play a team of police and students in a basketball game. The cops never showed. What we were left with is exactly what you'd expect when high schoolers take on former linebackers.

Rory Leland, a 17-year-old who played in the game, said that he overheard former linebacker Garin Veris threaten the team's teenage point guard after he was stripped of the ball. Moments later, Veris crashed into the same student during a defensive play, reportedly sending him sprawling on the floor, Leland said.

Veris declined to be interviewed on camera Sunday, but in a lengthy phone interview with NewsCenter 5's Kelley Tuthill, Veris acknowledged that the game took on a more physical and competitive nature than anyone anticipated. Veris, who played for the Patriots from 1985 to 1991 and has the third highest number of sacks in the team's history, said he was upset that the game had "elevated to that point."


Several teens also criticized Matt Chatham's conduct at the game, saying that he aggressively fouled one student by grabbing his neck and throwing him to the ground.

This is what happens when you get a bunch of guys who never got to play under Belichick; lots of pent-up anger at being ignored by the city. I'm shocked the fans even knew who they were.

Regardless, police are listening to the complaints. Their investigation should be easy enough, as this was the Patriots after all. I'm sure they filmed the game.


UPDATE: They're sorry!

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