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Examining Jon Gruden's Unhealthy Obsession With Tim Tebow

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Jon Gruden has only been out of football for a month, technically, but he's already having trouble adjusting. Case in point: This rather remarkable interview he did with the Sun-Sentinel on Sunday.

Gruden starts off by describing how he misses the game (it's only been four weeks!), hints that his next job might be in the college ranks, then goes kind of fanboy on the subject of Tebow:

"No question. The hard part is, you have to isolate the option. That's why Tim Tebow is so interesting to me. He's like Brandon Jacobs playing quarterback. He's 250 pounds. He's the strongest human being who's ever played the position. Ever. He will kick the living [expletive] out of a defensive lineman. He'll fight anybody. He is rare. Tebow is the kind of guy who could revolutionize the game. He's the 'wildcat' who can throw. Most of the teams that have the wildcat back there, it's Ronnie Brown, it's Jerious Norwood, it's whoever you want to say it is. This guy here is 250 pounds of concrete cyanide, man. And he can throw. He throws well enough at any level to play quarterback."


But Gruden wasn't done.

When he was a high school senior, they played Armwood in the state championship game. I have tape. He has an 80-yard touchdown run that put them in the lead. When it flipped around, and Armwood had the ball, what position do you think Tebow was playing? He was playing nose guard - and he disrupted about 10 plays. This guy is totally different. He's got Rich Gannon, Drew Brees, that kind of makeup as a team guy. What he said after the Ole Miss game, I said, 'That's my favorite football player I've ever seen in my whole life.' I said, 'I want Florida to win every game that kid plays from now on.'"

I wonder if the Brett Favre shrine in Peter King's home is bigger than Gruden's backyard Tim Tebow topiary hedge?

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