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Exceedingly Quotable Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Makes An Appearance

You're worried about the Nets. I'm worried about the Nets. Everybody's worried about the Nets. But owner Mikhail Prokhorov is here to let us all know that we don't need to worry about the Nets.

Don't be worried that the Nets lost $144 million last season:


Don't be worried about reports swirling that the Nets are for sale:

Don't be worried that coach Jason Kidd left after just one season to join the cellar-dwelling Milwaukee Bucks:


Don't be worried that Prokhorov bet that the Nets would win a title by the end of this season, and if they don't, he has to "punish" himself by getting married:


Prokhorov basically only talks to the media yearly, but when he does he sure makes it count.

Photo via Bruce Bennett/Getty

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