As you would have expected, I've been working the phones all afternoon trying to confirm Rob Lowe's bombshell report that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will retire today. But Lowe's scoop blindsided the NFL media, so we decided against mining traditional sources for news. We went to the people who would really know—other members of the Brat Pack.

I spoke to someone in the office of Greg Clark, Molly Ringwald's manager at Untitled Entertainment. I identified myself as a reporter for Deadspin and said we had a pressing question for Ms. Ringwald.

"We're not making her available to journalists right now. She doesn't have anything to promote," the man told me. Drat. Well then, who could confirm Lowe's original report?


I put in a call to Emilio Estevez's flacks at WKT Public Relations. They told me all interview requests go through email, and damn it, I didn't have time for email. Next step: call Judd Nelson. I phoned Steven Siebert, president of Lighthouse Entertainment. But he said his office no longer represented Judd Nelson, and he didn't know who repped the occasional Two and a Half Men guest star now. Well, that's no good. And I struck out looking for contacts for Anthony Michael Hall. Andrew McCarthy's now a notable writer, so he wouldn't have time for me anyway.

So I did the only thing I could do: I left a voicemail for Ally Sheedy. She has not yet called back. We will update when she does.


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