Expectant Father Tristan Thompson Got His Dick Caressed At A Hookah Lounge

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Reality star Khloe Kardashian is due to have a baby girl with Cavs forward Tristan Thompson, possibly any day now. This compelled a source to give TMZ video of a subdued Thompson, at a hookah lounge near Washington D.C., fooling around with two women who are not Khloe Kardashian.

Per TMZ, which published the story yesterday, the video was taken on Oct. 7, 2017; Kardashian would’ve been three months pregnant then. It features smooching, motorboating, and a dick grab. (The Cavs played a preseason road game against the Wizards on Oct. 8.)

Ten minutes after publishing that video, TMZ published another clip from this Sunday, in which Thompson and a woman who is also not Khloe Kardashian are seen going into a Manhattan hotel. (The Cavs played a road game against the Knicks on Monday.) Given that both items, which happened months apart, were published within the same hour, one might surmise that someone was holding back on putting Thompson on blast for hanging out with non-Khloe Kardashian women until there was some sort of final straw. TMZ was prepared with a full-out assault, even getting Jersey Shore lunk Pauly D to weigh in on the news.


Assuming that a very pregnant Kardashian would be pissed about learning about Thompson’s activities, she can’t get on a plane and go home to Los Angeles. A source who spoke to Us Weekly said Kardashian is too far along in her pregnancy to travel, so she has has no choice but to have the baby in Cleveland. Her last Instagram post was from two days ago; it featured her and Thompson.