As you know, Ines Sainz's rough treatment at the hands of the Jets has some crying sexual harassment and others crying no blood, no foul, or something. But what do we really know about her? Let's investigate.

Name: Ines Sainz

Occupation: sideline reporter for Azteca TV, Mexico's second-largest television network.


She covers soccer, basketball, and American football.


Does she have any ridiculous pictures from Super Bowl Media Week that people are going to use to show she isn't a "professional"? Yes.

Is she measuring Matt Leinart's bicep in one of them? Yes.

Is she a member of FHM's very exclusive Sexiest Sports Reporters In The World list? Yes.


Does she have a derriere worthy of an overused Al Pacino quote from Heat? You decide.

Is this story being handled with a modicum of dignity and respect that is immediately undermined by quick access to cheesecake pictures? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.


The end.