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Illustration for article titled F1 Winner Holds Up Post-Race Press Conference To Jump His Model Girlfriend

British Formula 1 driver Jenson Button was so excited to win the Australian Grand Prix this weekend, that he couldn't wait until after meeting with the media to start the celebration.


Button managed to keep it in his pants long enough to collect his trophy on the podium and then sit through a post-race debriefing with his crew, but immediately after that nonsense he sought out his underwear modeling special friend, Jessica Michibata, pulled her into a team office and ... well, I'm not sure that I can describe what happened next on a family blog, but I think the more tactful writers of The Sun can sort this out for us:

The playboy emerged with a sly grin and admitted: "It got a bit steamy in there."

An insider said: "His eyes were only for Jessica."

They held each other and kissed in the team office - it was clear he fancied popping a second cork.


I have no idea what that means, so never mind. Maybe Jenson can explain?

He said: "This is a fairytale - I'm chuffed to bits."

Well, that's just disgusting.

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