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Facebook Data Now Give Us The Best Map Of College Football Fandom

Taking off from its outstanding NFL and college basketball maps, Facebook has compiled county-by-county data on which Top 25 college football teams have the most "likes" across the nation (click here for a larger image). With the usual caveat that many of the counties shown here have very few people, here are some takeaways:

  • Texas, Florida, Ohio State, and Oregon seem to have established themselves as the "default" teams for places with no obvious rooting interest in the Top 25. Alabama, ranked number one and winner of two of the last three championship games, gets no such love.
  • Florida dominates the Northeast, for some reason.
  • ESPN may give a shit about Louisville football, but Kentucky does not.
  • Eastern Pennsylvania breaks for Notre Dame, even though other states in the largely Catholic Northeast aren't interested.
  • Oregon State, UCLA, and Northwestern cannot be found on the map–zero counties picked them as their favorite team.
  • TCU and Oklahoma State aren't too popular either, each hold only one county.

Courtesy of Facebook.

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