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Fake Steve Berthiaume Twitter Account Leads To Random Family Crashing Diamondbacks' Booth During Game

Image: Fox Sports Arizona

Arizona Diamondbacks broadcaster Steve Berthiaume doesn’t use Twitter, but someone on the site is pretending to be him. The account @BertDbacks is clearly fake—and also rude—but it convinced a family of D-Backs fans that they could come visit the Fox Sports Arizona booth during Thursday’s game against the Rockies.

Apparently the ballpark security was easily swayed, too, because this is all it took to kick off the comedy of errors:


The reward was three awkward minutes of TV, with roughly half that time spent with the fans lurking in the background, during the bottom of the fourth inning. The family had a brief chat with the broadcast crew, who looked as puzzled as the tyke at his first baseball game. The best moment was at the 1:25 mark, when Michael explained why he was there and then learned Berthiaume doesn’t use Twitter:

Predictably, Fake Berthiaume wasn’t sorry:

Now every baseball fan knows the secret to getting this kind of access: Hold a baby and simply refuse be driven away by any amount of awkwardness.

H/t to Matt and @dayngls

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