Famous basketball robot set to drop a track with Rod Wave and NBA YoungBoy

Kawhi Leonard is set to release an album.
Kawhi Leonard is set to release an album.
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Every day it feels like we know less and less about Kawhi Leonard.

The quiet superstar shocked both NBA Twitter and Hip Hop fans when he announced his Culture Jam project on Instagram live with high school phenom Mikey Williams. The project will feature a new song from NBA YoungBoy and Rod Wave called “Everything Different.”


Who knew that Leonard would be out here putting Rap projects together in his spare time? I swear if Leonard becomes the second coming of DJ Khaled following his player career social media will never know peace again.

Leonard even released a snippet of the song on the IG live.

Following the game against the Clippers win against the Raptors on Tuesday night, Leonard was asked about his motivation behind Culture Jam. The Clippers star admitted that he had been working on the project for the last 6 to 8 months.

“It merges basketball and music together. It has always been something on my mind that I wanted to do,” said Leonard. “Just something that can uplift our community. A portion of each stream is going to Mamba + Mambacita Foundation. And do something good for the community.”

It’s beautiful to see Leonard not only dive into a new field but also promote a good cause as well. It was only a few seasons ago that we thought this man was a cyborg who couldn’t even laugh correctly. Now he’s in the studio with major artists helping to create songs.


It just goes to show you that you can never restrict these athletes to traditional labels, they always find a way to surprise you.

The song and music video which features Williams will drop on all streaming platforms Friday, May 7. Best believe I’m going to check out what Leonard has been cooking up.