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FAMU + Athletics = Crazy

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So this probably needs to be addressed: Florida A&M freshman quarterback Michael Johnson was arrested today after he admitted that he lied about being attacked at gunpoint in his dorm room. And no one is sure why he did it.

Johnson, 19, was taken to the Leon County Jail. He faces charges of filing a false report to law enforcement and making false official statements. Both charges are misdemeanors. "During the course of the investigation, he decided to confess to committing the act," FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross said Friday evening. Johnson's mother, Mina Forte-Ferguson, told the Tallahassee Democrat and FAMU authorities Thursday that three men rushed in her son's room at Gibbs Hall about 4 a.m. Tuesday and pushed him on the bed. Forte-Ferguson then said the intruders wrote "Mike + football = death" on his mirror, television and refrigerator. Johnson's parents returned to Durham, N.C. following several meetings on campus, including one with head football coach Joe Taylor.


And a reader reminds us that this is the same FAMU that once featured Mike Gillespie Sr., the head men's basketball coach who was jailed for stalking. Nice.

FAMU PD: Quarterback Jailed After Making Up Attack Story [Tallahassee Democrat]


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