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As if Russia's Olympic showing wasn't enough, the KHL looks even more bush league after a playoff game was interrupted by a spectator attacking the visiting team.


It's like Mike Milbury by way of Yakov Smirnoff. In America, player beats fan with own shoe. In Russia, a drunken fan jumped onto the bench and pummeled a backup goalie with his own stick. Here's the aftermath:

This actually went down on Sunday, but it's taken a few days for Pravda's typewriter monkeys to translate it into English (it reads like they're still not fully done).

A fan of Avtomobilist broke in the guests' bench and punched the goalkeeper, Vitaly Kolesnik, in the head. The next moment the man grabbed a hockey stick and swung it on the goalkeeper's head three times. The goalie received a lacerated wound in the attack and was emergently hospitalized to a hospital with a significant blood loss. He was later diagnosed with a brain concussion.

But, this is still hockey, and the game still had to be played.

It looked like that mad guy kept hitting our player with a baseball bat," said Ufa coach Igor Zakharkin. "The blood was all over the place. We're still in shock. No wonder we lost."


Not a day later, the teams met again, with heavy security in place. Ufa won the game and the series, and Gary Bettman is wondering why the fan was ejected.

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