Fan Douses Tour de France Cyclist With Piss

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Multiple outlets are reporting that a spectator threw piss at Britain's Mark Cavendish during the Tour de France's 11th stage today. There are neither photos nor video of the pissbombing (at least not yet!), which came one day after Cavendish was involved in this collision near the finish line with the Netherlands' Tom Veelers:

Cavendish has denied that he bumped into Veelers on purpose. But he also grew testy and even took a reporter's tape recorder when questioned about it, though he did give the device back an instant later. Cavendish also took to Twitter last night to offer a multi-part apology:

Not seen a replay of the final yet, but was involved in an incident with Tom Veelers. Whatever has happened, if I'm at fault, I'm sorry.

— Mark Cavendish (@MarkCavendish) July 9, 2013

There's no way I'd move on a rider deliberately, especially one not contesting a sprint. I hope @tom_veelers is ok.

— Mark Cavendish (@MarkCavendish) July 9, 2013

Just seen the sprint. I believe I didn't move line. I'm actually coming past Veelers & we touch elbows when he moves. Anyway, hope he's ok.

— Mark Cavendish (@MarkCavendish) July 9, 2013

That didn't stop his critics from coming at him, which caused Cavendish to get defensive:

Can all sprint experts on twitter go & try flicking their bike right at 65kph without leaning your body left to balance & come back to me.

— Mark Cavendish (@MarkCavendish) July 9, 2013

Veelers seemed to be satisfied with Cavendish's apology. Per Google translate, Veelers tweeted, "Mixed feelings: happy with our second win, obviously not happy with my scrapes and bruises. Was not pretty, but do not: Make words more dirt. Hope I come through the night. Tomorrow double refrain in the TT." K, then. That still didn't prevent Cavendish from getting booed and jeered along the course today. But what about the pissbomb?

The liquid was thrown from a bottle with the 28-year-old Cavendish initially thinking it was water before realising what it was from the taste.


Patrick Lefevere, the CEO of Cavendish's team, Omega Pharma-Quick Step, was the one who told reporters all about the pissbomb by offering the following explanation:

"Maybe you have smell his jersey before you believe," he said when one reporter asked how he could confirm the substance.

"I don’t know the taste of urine but he’s a little bit upset at the moment, and down, because he doesn’t deserve this and he’s right."

Fun! Also fun: At long last, the Tour de France has a urine scandal that doesn't involve PEDs.

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