Last night's series-ending Red Sox-Rays bout in St. Pete featured a literal "wicked pissah," a man whom I watched with my own eyes pee in the stands and be escorted out of the stadium for the evil act of public micturition.

I will tell you off the bat that I could not get the video rolling while the guy was pissing (damn slow-ass iOS), and that the above video is mostly the drunk guys behind me cracking wise on the shirtless gentleman and the eventual cleanup by a janitor. (It's also lousy video because I sit in the outfield for Rays games and this was happening on the opposite side of the stadium.) We're kind of amazed Tropicana Field ushers caught the guy, because he was far enough up (near the barrier that blocks access to the obstructed-view seats) so as to be out of view of anybody who wasn't looking for him. I'm still shocked the guys sitting behind me spotted him to begin with.