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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

At halftime of Sunday's Missouri Valley Conference final, a 24-year-old student made the shot of his life. Alex Permann needed to hit, in order, a layup, a foul shot, a three, and one from center court, all within 24 seconds, in order to win $50,000. After he sank his half-courter, he thrust his arms up, jumping around in elation.

"I was thinking about 50 grand," he told USA Today.

Unfortunately for Permann, he had forgotten to take the three. "I guess I don't listen too good," he said sheepishly.


This one has a semi-happy ending. (Actually, a pretty damned happy one, since there's no way Permann would have had time for a three and a half-court shot.) Conference officials conferred, and gifted Permann lifetime tickets to the MVC tournament, and a trip to St. Louis for next year's edition.

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