Fans Brawl In The Stands During Tonight's Rangers-Flyers Game

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Rangers fans and Flyers fans duked it out in the stands during Game 6 tonight at Wells Fargo Center. According to our tipsters, it was started by a couple of Rangers fans' taunts which got out of control, despite the ushers' attempts to quell things.

Reader Chris gave us an explanation of what occurred before his footage:

The kid wearing the Blue Rangers jersey with the letters going diagonal down his chest was egging the crowd all game taunted screaming, acting like a typical drunk teenager. Usher came up to calm him down, didn't listen. The real security guards attempted to pull him out of his seats where he resisted and that's where he flailed his arms (not in video) and hit a flyers fan. Brawl ensued. The kid who was wearing the jersey and hat fled the scene and left his friends to get their asses beat, after doing nothing.

The video's divided up into three parts; the audio's from the middle video. At one point in the middle video, Chris directs the camera down to the exit and points at a person leaving, who was allegedly the Rangers fan that didn't calm down in the beginning. In the third segment, a few fighters are finally escorted out. The guy in the T.J. Oshie Olympics jersey—who was trading punches at the start—gets into a small scrap with a Flyers fan while going down the stairs. Go hockey, or something.

H/t to Chris and Chris