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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Fans Love Their Arizona Diamondbacks

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We thought we'd honor each of the four teams left with a roundup of the nicest things each team's best blogs could say about them. See? We're sweet! Right now: The Arizona Diamondbacks.


AZ Snakepit: "Meanwhile, the Arizona Diamondbacks laugh, move along, and keep right on winning. To quote the great philosopher Eric Byrnes, "Sometimes every now and then there are teams out there that defy the numbers. We seem to be one of those teams. This is one of those things you can't really explain other than the fact that there are 25 guys in here who know how to win baseball games." Rather than whining about this, and saying the playoffs "deserve better", I would think any neutral fan would celebrate the team's slaughtering of the Run Differential sacred cow. Because sometimes, a reminder that we really don't know everything, is a refreshing thing."

Life, Baseball And Eric Byrnes: "No one, including me, expected you to be here this year. The greatest pleasure is in doing things others say you cannot do."


AZ Sports Hub: "Every step of the way this team has reveled in the underdog role performing best when no one expected anything of them so why should it stop now? Playing the Rockies in the NLCS was probably the best thing for this team. Why you ask? Because by playing the Rockies the D-backs aren't the Cinderella story. They aren't the main focus and they aren't a big deal. They and their run don't dominate the headlines like the Colorado and it means they can continue with their laid back attitude and say "hey no one believes in us except for the 25 guys in this clubhouse". It breads team work and togetherness and that's what this team has run on all year."

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