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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Fans Love Their Colorado Rockies

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Because the Yankees — who, we might add, aren't in the playoffs anymore — are taking up too much media space, we thought we'd honor each of the four teams left with a roundup of the nicest things each team's best blogs could say about them. See? We're sweet! Right now: The Colorado Rockies.


Bad Altitude: "This really is making up for years in the baseball wilderness all at once. It's why we love baseball. It's why MLB should be doing everything they can to keep teams in Kansas City and Pittsburgh. I couldn't say it this afternoon, for obvious reasons, but I felt hugely confident that the Rockies were going to win the game tonight. I'm a pessimistic person by nature and doubly so when it comes to baseball, but I felt real sure about this one. I hardly think I was alone among those in attendance at Coors Field tonight who didn't think even for a passing moment that the Rockies were going to lose. There were a few parts when I worried that I wasn't going to live until the end of the game, but losing? Never entered the picture."

Purple Row: "This ride incredibly continues. This team has teased and tormented, brought me to tears of grief and then of ecstasy, and tomorrow, I just want to see what comes next."


Up In The Rockies: "And should the power go out anywhere in the Mile High City, it�s likely you could re-generate it from the wattage of the grins on the faces of 25 players� and legions of grateful Rockies fans who have waited patiently for a moment like [the clinching win over the Phillies]."

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