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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Just in case David Beckham has any ideas about sticking around in Europe, Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes were on hand to make sure that he gets on that plane for LA. Sunday's farewell game was a magical moment for Beckham's rooting section (that's Victoria toting Imp Spice next to the Cruises), as the Galaxy-bound player was removed from the game with his team, Real Madrid, trailing 1-0. They went on to beat Real Mallorca 3-1 for the Spanish League title. Oh, Rafael Nadal was also there.


Just to make doubly sure that Beckham has no second thoughts about leaving, Cruise is equipped with one of those memory eraser pen things from Men In Black. We estimate that Katie must have been zapped with that device, oh, like five hundred times in the past calendar year.

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