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With TBS moving on to the NLCS, and our pals Joe Buck and Tim McCarver kicking back up in the ALCS, we salute a man we're not likely to see again until next season: The incomparable Jose Mota, sideline reporter from the gods.


We're not sure why we enjoyed Mota so much. (But we were hardly the only ones.) Maybe it's because the job of sideline reporter is such a silly one that we appreciated Mota's ... well, the man just strikes us as suave. He's a smooth operator, with a difficult-to-place accent, dropping dimes of empty knowledge on us, asking silly questions to people who don't want to answer them in just sincere enough of a way that we find ourselves mesmerized. We hope he's back on TBS next year.

He's also Manny Mota's son and was in For The Love Of The Game. Swoon!

Farewell, Jose Mota [ Because I Didn't Want To Go To Grad School..]

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