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Farewell To Pete, Our Good Ol' Chum

One day at the lake: "Hey, nice string of fish you've got there. What are you using for bait?" "I'm using Pete!" A Somerset, England fishing enthusiast has changed his will so that his remains will be used as bait at his favorite fishing spot. And Pete Hodge, 51, says that it could be soon: He has Motor Neurone Disease. Mmmm, those fish will be good eatin'!

Pete's plan is that his remains will be mixed into groundbait for his friends to use, rather than asking them to force small strips of his flesh onto their hooks. Groundbait is a mixture put in the water by anglers to attract fish to the area they're preparing to fish - and many fishermen guard their recipes jealously.


Oh, and he's also made his own coffin; a giant wicker fishing basket. Um, life? We're about done here. Check, please?

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