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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Fascinating Things You Probably Don't Want to Know: Skip Bayless Is Ripped

Illustration for article titled Fascinating Things You Probably Dont Want to Know: Skip Bayless Is Ripped

Skip Bayless is easy to despise for many reasons, most of which stem from the fact that he walked away from a very encouraging career as a print journalist for a new, more lucrative one as...whatever he does by senselessly arguing on "First Take." But would it make him more or less tolerable if you found out that hidden beneath those brown blazers and dopey buttoned-downs is the athletic body of a man half of his age? Here's a report from one former Bristol intern: "I remember entering the gym just to buy something from the store (they're connected - the store and the gym) and seeing him working out. Totally chiseled. Went to look around the gym (I had just started so was kind of taking a tour of the place) and he's was in towel in the locker room... the guy is absurdly ripped." And when asked by this particular former intern if there was any particular body type that would best describe Bayless? "Think Ed Norton in American History X — but without the swastikas."


Come on, really? I corroborated with another current ESPN staffer. This is what they had to say: "Yes, Bayless is completely ripped. He doesn't drink. Doesn't smoke. Eats healthy as hell. His idea of "cheating" is drinking a Mountain Dew every day. But he works out twice a day."

New Year's resolution for 2009: when naked, look better than 57-year-old Skip Bayless. Christ.



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