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Fashionista Softball Player Flips Out Over Uniforms In Several Bitchy Emails

This slow-pitch softball meltdown is unique, in that the rec league season hadn't yet begun. They were trying to pick a uniform color scheme, and four different designs for the Westside Swingers jersey were emailed out. A co-manager sets it up for us:

"This email was Matt's introduction to the team. He was a friend of a new friend who had somehow made the roster. Only one person on the team had ever even met him. His only previous communication was a brief email to our shirt designer that was so nonsensical that she just ignored it. So when she went ahead and emailed the team her designs - and neglected to forward his ideas along for consideration - he was compelled to speak out."

From: Matt [REDACTED]
Subject: Re: Westside Swingers Shirts

What's that logo supposed to be? Not to be a downer, but I'm not really a fan of any of those. Is the name "Swingers" supposed to implicate that we randomly fuck others while in a relationship or that we swing baseball bats? If it's the former, then I think that's lame. And if it's the latter, then baseball bats or baseball players should comprise the logo. My initial idea to Liz, which I did not reply all with, suggested a take-off of the vintage padres logo of a monk swinging a baseball bat. I think all these shorts are like takeoffs of university tee shirts. We're not a university but rather a sports team.

For those unfamiliar with the old padres logo, please see the following link:

For the record, we could do a priest, a rabbi, rastafarian, or any other politically incorrect figure wildly swinging a bat. I think that'd be a cooler option. If swinging was a big theme here, then perhaps we'd also want a big swinging genitalia on our mascot as well. Just food for thought.

As for colors, I'd suggest some muted colors, like maroon/beige/forest green/wine.

And as for the shirts themselves i'd suggest a 50/50 blend and an 80s fit. These boxy, modern day t-shirts have too much material and are too heavyduty/thick.

My vote is no on all four.


Here, a team member sends out a reply all with one sentence: "Who are you?" Matt responds:

From: Matt [REDACTED]
Subject: Re: Westside Swingers Shirts


Public namecalling, not a good first impression. If you all don't like my ideas, you can say so. If you don't like the fact that I can speak bluntly, that's fine too. If Liz was insulted by my comments, she could have said so. I think she's big enough to stand up for herself.

If you all don't want me to play, that's fine. Majority rule makes sense.

When all is said and done you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror. I know I'll be able to.

Let me know what you all decide. Liz, I believe you have my paypal account if you wanna take someone off the waiting list who is less forthright with his opinions.

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Matt then sends an email directly to the co-managers:

From: Matt [REDACTED]
Subject: Re: Softball

Just so you know, I didn't appreciate my idea originally not being considered (i.e. Passed along as an option to the group). Instead we had four choices that all came from one place. I'm an attorney and a busy person, just the same as anyone. It's annoying to respond to something and then apparently not even be considered.
Hence perhaps a bit of added looseness to my tongue in that email. Probably shouldn't have been profane if I was, but aside from that I don't feel an apology is warranted.

I'm glad we all learned this wouldn't work out ahead of time.



Matt was kicked off the team before the first game.

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