Fat Chipper Jones Has Divorced His Wife And Is Now Dating Playboy Model Taylor Higgins, AKA Lexi Ray

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Leave it to those sleuths of scuzz over at Busted Coverage to make a find like this. Chipper Jones has retired, finalized his divorce from his second wife, and now appears to be dating Taylor Higgins, better known to the world as Lexi Ray or Lexi Ray Taylor, depending on when you might have been looking at her without her clothes on on the internets.

Busted Coverage says Higgins was once a Playboy co-ed of the week, and that she "specialized in naked shower videos and your run-of-the-mill naked photo shoots." This is the same Chipper Jones whose first marriage ended because he had an affair and spawned a child with a Hooters waitress. Now this. Chipper Jones is living in Fat City, in more ways than one.


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