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Randall Margraves, the father of three daughters who were all victims of disgraced former U.S. Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse, attempted to attack Nassar in court Friday morning, during the second day of Nassar’s sentencing hearing in Eaton County. He was subdued and arrested by authorities before he could get to Nassar.

Margraves’s daughter Morgan was one of the victims who spoke at Nassar’s previous sentencing hearing in Ingham County, while his daughters Madison and Lauren had just finished giving statements today. Randall Margraves asked the judge, as part of her sentencing, to give him five minutes alone with Nassar. When the judge said she couldn’t do that, he then asked for one minute. When she said no again, he rushed at the defendant’s table, but was quickly subdued by bailiffs.


Margraves was removed from the courtroom, as was Nassar. But after a slight delay, Nassar and the attorneys returned, and it appears that court will resume as normal.

Update (1:47 p.m. ET): Margraves has been released, and he will not be charged.

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