FBI: Ex-Stripper Mistress Of Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Extorted Him With His Own Dong Shots

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The Smoking Gun has the full details, but here's the gist:

The shakedown scheme, which was foiled by the FBI with Jackson's cooperation, resulted this week in the arrest of Alexis Adams, the former dancer, and her alleged coconspirator, ex-convict Marcus Shaw.

Adams, 28, and Shaw, 40, have been named in felony criminal complaints filed under seal in U.S. District Court in Oakland, California. The duo, whose relationship is unclear, is accused of trying to extort a six-figure payment from Jackson in return for them not disseminating/selling the explicit photos to the "vultures of the media."

It seems Jackson and Adams had an affair six years ago, when Jackson was a Nets announcer and Adams worked as a stripper in New York. That affair lasted less than a year. Jackson has been married for more than 20 years. He and his wife have four children, and they serve as co-pastors of a church in Los Angeles. Here's more from The Smoking Gun:

The FBI's extortion probe began in late-April, a few weeks after Jackson was approached by a stranger at a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee (where the Warriors were playing the hometown Grizzlies). The man—who Jackson later identified as Shaw—showed the NBA coach a "folder containing some of the compromising photos" and a CD that he said contained "recordings of voice mail messages" that Jackson "left for Adams during their affair."

When Jackson asked what he sought for the photos and recordings, Shaw replied, "I want to be made whole." Shaw, who claimed to have found the compromising material in a storage locker he had purchased for $3500, said he wanted money to fix his teeth and get his car out of an impound lot.

After refusing Shaw's request to accompany him to the lot (or anywhere else), Jackson eventually gave Shaw $5000 in cash "in exchange for the folder with the photographs and the CD." Jackson, seen at left, subsequently destroyed the incriminating material.


Shortly after that, Shaw posed as someone in the "reputation management business" and tried to shake Jackson down for more money by sending an email to Jackson's wife. At that point, Jackson negotiated with Shaw with the FBI monitoring their conversations. The FBI says it has records of texts and phone calls that allegedly demonstrate Shaw and Adams conspired to continue pressuring Jackson. The Smoking Gun has the complete 10-page criminal complaint. And no, we were never contacted by anyone trying to sell us photos of Mark Jackson's dong.

[The Smoking Gun; photo via AP]