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If the image of this innocent-seeming peanut doll makes you throw your hands in the air and start screaming while sprinting out of the room, it is possible that you have a peanut allergy. Or you're just startled very easily.

The minor-league Bowie Baysox want to help. Therefore, on July 10, they are hosting a special section of the stadium just for those with food allergies, people whose attendance at games in the past has been hindered by a fright of the danger nut.

Here's our favorite part: The Baysox will actually be stationing extra ushers outside Section 124 โ€” which is going to end up looking like something out of "Outbreak" by the sixth inning โ€” to "prevent food that may cause a reaction, such as peanuts, from entering the Section." One must be careful of the rogue peanut.

We mean not to make fun of those with legitimate allergies. But the Baysox are a step away from a Hazmat suit here. And by the way, we hope they enjoy the one night they get to go to a game. Hope it doesn't rain!


Bowie Baysox Announce Allergen Free Section []