If Gonzaga Bulldogs Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis are playing basketball today, they're playing not for position in the WCC standings, but for cigarettes and the protection of their anal cavities. They're in jail right now, or at least they were as of a few hours ago, because police say they found marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms in their possession. The goateed guy in the pacific northwest smokes weed? Nah...

The two were pulled over for a defective tail light, and police noticed the smell of marijuana coming from their car. They did a search, they found the weed, and they found some 'shrooms, too. The weed is a misdemeanor. The 'shrooms are a felony. Uh-oh.


KHQ is giving this story the OJ treatment. They've got a story up with links to two different KHQ videos, one giving "background information" on Heytvelt and Davis, and another with a cop actually in studio, explaining the chargers and what happens from here. There's also a link to the Gonzaga University drug policy, and KHQ is having a "special report" on the arrest at 4:30.

The unviersity's drug policy, if you're wondering, is sort of vague. "Documented violations of illegal possession, consumption, provision, or sale of narcotics or drugs, or possession of paraphernalia, may result in disciplinary sanctions from the University and/or referral to law enforcement officials." Very stern. "We won't like it when you smoke the reefer, and we might also do something about it. If we have to."

Oh, and thanks to commenter SagerBombs for the heads-up.


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