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Understandably, FC Barcelona wants to create an entire youth generation of budding Lionel Messis. The kind of young men who dream about soccer. The kind of young men who attend the sex and alcohol parties for the video games. The kind of young men who will eat only the finest, most sought-after cuisine the universe has ever known. It's all in the interest of fútbol.


With that in mind, the club announced that it has hired Ferran Adria, formerly the head chef of El Bulli, which was formerly considered the greatest restaurant in the world. (Its closing in July prompted people to write things as unbearable as this.) Adria will oversee a menu overhaul at La Masia, Barca's youth training camp:

The European champions say the former El Bulli chef will redesign the club's La Masia meals to "foster healthy eating and exercise" by providing the Catalan club's future stars with the best possible diet.

It calls its new campaign "We are what we do, we are what we eat" that will be led by Messi and Gerard Pique. It aims to reach beyond the club's academy to children in general.

"Barca is the world reference not just because of its onfield results but its attitude," Adria said.


I don't know if molecular level food has anything to do with Messi's soccer skills, but we will let the Spaniards go ahead and out-bougie themselves. If kids can't have their soy cristal and icy quinoa of duck fois-gras, they might just forget how to kick a ball.

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