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Lionel Messi Attended The Sex And Alcohol Party For The Video Games

Lionel Messi has never really known a scandal in his young life, and so it is about time that the Argentinian tabloids create one for him: Libre reported this week that the 23-year-old had attended a party with "sexo, alcohol y cumbia." ESPN's Off The Ball blog has Messi's reaction to the accusations:

Libre report that Messi's bash was hosted by reality TV beauty Xoana Gonzalez and a bevy of other South American sex symbols, including Playboy model Claudia Ciardone, lingerie model Andrea Rincon and former WAG Sabrina Ravelli, with the little maestro turning up in the company of the Milito brothers, Gabriel and Diego, and cape-wearing Boca Juniors legend Martin Palermo.

However, Messi still managed to emerge with his clean-cut image intact after telling the newspaper: "We just danced and then we played some PlayStation."


Messi may not have had the most typical upbringing, and we'd wager that he didn't have to deflect that eternal parental question ("So what did you guys do last night?") too often. But with this, he's perfected the craft of the curt, vague sidestep: video games and dancing. Yeah. Then they probably ordered Domino's. We see you, Lionel.

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