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Now that the whole Maurice Clarett business has veered into Greek tragedy story with Tom Friend's breathtaking ESPN story, we turn our focus to the part of his story it's easy to make fun of: His "upcoming" stint with the Mahoning Valley Hitmen of the Eastern Indoor Football League, a league that has as much chance of playing actual games next year as our fantasy league does.


Well, turns out, the Hitmen got some more bad news, arguably worse than Clarett's arrest: The "team" has lost its stadium.

Early Wednesday morning, Dave Anderson, general manager of the Thunderplex in Vienna, sent an e-mail to Terry saying the Thunderplex was backing out of the Mahoning Valley HitMen project, and would not be the home of the future Eastern Indoor Football League team.

Citing the e-mail Anderson sent, ''After thoughtful consideration, and review of available information regarding the Hitmen and EIFL, we have decided that it is not in the best interest of the Thunderplex to be a part of, or participate with the Mahoning Valley HitMen.''

We feel bad for Mr. Anderson, who probably never had any idea what he was getting into. Fortunately, the Hitmen have seen "far worse situations than this," so that's good.

Thunderplex Ends Relationship With HitMen [Tribune Chronicle]

(UPDATE: By the way, there's a strange rival league's blog that loves trashing this non-existent league.)