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Fight For Your Right To Fight

Interesting couple weeks around these parts. The distractions are so prevalent that it's easy to forget that, lo, your team is in the World Series.

But this will all settle down (hopefully) and we'll get back to doing the usual routine, barring some other game-changing element beyond our control. Some things of note:

* Deleted Scenes didn't run this week because most of the stuff we received was still post-horndoggery backlash. This happens sometimes. Next week, it'll be back and there will hopefully be some other items of tenuous news value and preposterous rumors that will be entertaining for you. This week, I spared you more of this:

It's pretty sad how you are handling this situation with ESPN. Why is it your responsibility to tell people that a guy had an affair? It's not like Phillips is a high profile person at ESPN. They might have a lot of problems at ESPN but they aren't cheating the people. They aren't taking my life-savings and destroying my life. Why don't you report the rock bands that have the same things go on behind the scenes of their shows? Or the athletes that are constantly cheating on their wives? It seems like you want to pick on ESPN because they are bigger and more successful than you are, which is sad.
Jeff Lewis (Shanghai, China)


Thanks, Jeff.

* FAILgate is failing. Miserably. So I'm just gonna wrap that sucker up on Monday and award the winner a Deadspin prize pack, which will consist of a whole bunch of books and other stuff. Maybe there's something of value in it for somebody. It's time to get some new features in here anyway.


* I'm headed to Game 3 tomorrow night. So I'll be back in Philly. Most likely, Ill be at the Locust Bar at some point to help fill up those ashtrays. BUT — if anyone has anyway possible of getting me into the Spectrum so I can watch Pearl Jam close that place down once and for all, I'd be forever in your debt. A Saturday night of Phillies/Yankees followed by Pearl Jam is like my Make A Wish Foundation Weekend. Doesn't anyone work security there or anything? If you have a solution, you know where to find me.

*Moving forward: This site's changing. Rapidly. Growing, etc. Some people may think we've completely headed violently in a direction that's going to forever tarnish the good name of Deadspin and, ahem, "Sports Blogging" forever. I disagree. Wholeheartedly. I'm here to make things interesting for you, the reader. You do your thing, we'll do ours. This site has enough voices and perspectives and non-despicable elements that my minimal posting does not undermine one bit. If you want straight "sports" well, shit, there are plenty of other quality publications that can offer pithy opinions on Those Games From Last Night. Hugs. xoxoxo.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Weed Against Speed is back for Saturday, Barry for Sunday. Go Phils.

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