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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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This is actually good news for those who like golf and story lines ready-made for sports columnists aching to showcase their Nicholas Sparks technique: Phil Mickelson will return to the PGA Tour, including the U.S. Open.


It's nice to have one person comeback given many of the departures we've had today. If you'd like to see the list of those who are no longer here (for now, of course) then head over to The Rookies to see their impromptu gathering of the dearly departed as they bounce around various theories and opinions about what transpired. It's entertaining, if not enlightening.

And let's clarify a couple more things and then we'll never talk about this again:

• There are still plenty of opportunities for new people to comment and try out. Just email the ridiculously named "Comment Ninja Squadron" and do the best you can.


• People who were banned, can still come back if they want. (And not just through Facebook.)

• The world did not end.


Thank you for your continued support/distrust/dismissal of Deadspin. Watch Conan tonight and keep your mind open.

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